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Here comes the Update

jippi yay. i can´t believe it but its already done. The Site is moved...completly. New Site, new Design, new update. everything is new. yay.

so sry its been a while since my last update but i hope u like my graphics still.  So please ejoy the new stuff and comments are lovely to have :D

in love Simi 

27*Kambakkht Ishq (animations)

08*Three Idiots - Zoobi Doobi (animations)

10*Ads (animations)

17*New Icon (set #2 & #3)

23.4.10 14:05


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HelpWelcom to Kareena Kapoor @ This Site is all about Kareena kapoor Creations. Here you can find my latest animations, icons, wallpapers and more. So Please Enjoy, have fun and come back soon.

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